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10:24 PM
Administration Team

I, as founder of these forums and Head Admin, have prepared and promoted three users to the position of Administrator (Admin) and three people to the position of a Moderator (Mod). These people are, in my opinion, the most fit, to lead the Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums. Admins will make all of the decisions for the website, with the Head Admin (me) acting as both a neutral party in votes and a person to finalize decisions made by the Administration Team.

Mods will be assigned a Forum or forums, in which they will guide with a firm, fair hand. Mods answer to the admins and guide the forums they are assigned to, to abide by site rules. Along with a Mod, an Admin will also be assigned to each Forum and I as Head Admin will also moderate every forum. Your Administration Team is listed below:

Head Admin:

   1. TenTailedFox


   1. AzureDragoon
   2. Steels
   3. Lavi


   1. Mewshuji
   2. Narutokurosaki
   3. Rasengan888

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2 TenTailedFox  
Rasen hush, Im trying to figure everything out atm

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1 Rasengan888  
If I'm a Moderator...explain y i'm not moderating anything. >____<

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