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Should we base the Naruto Fanon on these Forums?
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I will be updating the site today, to look more like regular Naruto and Bleach roleplay forums. Your roleplays will not be deleted, but the may be moved to a new section. I will post a new news entry when the changes are complete. If you cannot find your roleplay after the changes, PM me and I will assist you.
Views: 16327 | Added by: TenTailedFox | Date: 2009-11-14 | Comments (11)

First off and most important is that when you guys are submitting a character you must use the template that is provided. From this day forward, if all you give us is a link, it will not be accepted. Fill out the forum, and then link us, especially if you have a lot of jutsu and don't want to post them all.

Secondly, the Naruto Raijuu: The Beginning roleplay begins today. I will allow sign ups to continue until Thanksgiving, however, if you are already signed up, we will begin. Please visit the Naruto Role-plays section of the forums for more details.
Views: 16397 | Added by: TenTailedFox | Date: 2009-11-10 | Comments (11)

I, as founder of these forums and Head Admin, have prepared and promoted three users to the position of Administrator (Admin) and three people to the position of a Moderator (Mod). These people are, in my opinion, the most fit, to lead the Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums. Admins will make all of the decisions for the website, with the Head Admin (me) acting as both a neutral party in votes and a person to finalize decisions made by the Administration Team.

Mods will be assigned a Forum or forums, in which they will guide with a firm, fair hand. Mods answer to the admins and guide the forums they are assigned to, to abide by site rules. Along with a Mod, an Admin will also be assigned to each Forum and I as Head Admin will also moderate every forum. Your Administration Team is listed below:

Head Admin:

   1. TenTailedFox


   1. AzureDragoon
   2. Steels
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Views: 663 | Added by: TenTailedFox | Date: 2009-11-02 | Comments (5)

For now, we will use the Naruto Fanon wiki as our archives, but should things become too cluttered, we will move to my new Wikia.
Views: 539 | Added by: TenTailedFox | Date: 2009-11-01 | Comments (0)

I am designing a custom wiki for our use, it should be ready on Monday.
Views: 692 | Added by: TenTailedFox | Date: 2009-10-09 | Comments (3)


This site has become the base of all roleplays that previously took place on both the Naruto and Bleach Fan Fiction Wikis! All users from both sides are welcome and urged to com here.
Views: 1460 | Added by: TenTailedFox | Date: 2009-10-08 | Comments (4)

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