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Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Kataku Hyuga
Kataku Hyuga
Warsaw0Date: Saturday, 2010-01-16, 8:14 AM | Message # 1
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Anime: Naruto

Name: Kataku Hyuga

Age: 22

Gender: Yes (Just Joking, The Gender Is Male)

Height and Weight: 167CM, 67KG

Picture and/or Description: Kataku Wears an Akatsuki cloak and a ring with the Kanji Symbol for "Death". Without the cloak on he wears a black shirt and pants. He has odd non-hyuga style black hair which is long and straight. His eyes are brown and he has reasonably pale skin for a naruto character, but not a pale as Orochimaru.

Background:Kataku had a sharingan implanted in his eye at childbirth, being born for the sole purpose of being a weapon for both the Hyuga and Uchiha clans. As a academy student Kataku was a perfect student, becoming the Number One Rookie and passing with flying colurs. As a genin he was taught well, but he really did not care about the "team" he only cared about the missions and success. In the Chunin exams he passed the first two exams with flying colours, but when facing a 37 year-old Genin disguised A-Rank missinng-nin, he fought him in the first round of the final exam he only managed to win via using a poison blade to stab through the mans back. After becoming Chunin Kataku became the leader of a 10-man Chunin squad often sent on missions. Sometime later he became a jonin and was told by his father about him being a "weapon". Kataku left the village and hoping someday he would eliminate the Uchiha and Hyuga clans. In 3 years Kataku formed "Shi" and became an Associate of the Akatsuki

Personality: ...He doesn't care for anything not "nessercary" in a mission he completes it and goes back, when challenged by others he does not care at all as they are trying to sway him away from what he needs to do. He is calm and even praises his opponments abilities. He likes things to be done quickly, like slitting a throat rather than engaging in a long battle. Kataku is very tactical.
Overall Fighting Ability:

Techniques: Byakugan-Sharingan Fusion Eye
Chidori Senbon
Shadow Blade Of The Death God


Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Kataku Hyuga
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