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Basic Rules of Roleplaying
Character Submissions
Users must submit characters for role playing to insure there is no god modding.
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox, AzureDragoon
93 71 Tuesday, 2011-06-14, 2:44 PM
Thread: Ryuuro Uchiha
Posted by: Hikaru

Naruto Roleplays
Where the mighty Leaf Ninja will base themselves. Any Rps that take place in Konoha or the Land of Fire will be posted here.
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox, Rasengan888
9 299 Thursday, 2009-12-31, 3:35 AM
Thread: The life and times of Averag...
Posted by: Kami
Where the members of the Mist Village will conduct their activities. Any Rps that take place in Kiri or the Land of Water will be posted here.
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox, Mewshuji
2 108 Saturday, 2009-12-26, 10:25 AM
Thread: Kokukozu vs. Kurisu
Posted by: Rokubi
A place for the ferocious ninja of the Rock Village will root themselves in. Any Rps that take place in Iwagakure or the Land of Earth will be posted here.
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox
1 0 Tuesday, 2009-11-24, 6:27 AM
Thread: Kyle Durzo seeks Sparring Pa...
Posted by: Twilitlink
A place for Missing-ninja, Akatsuki, so on and so forth to base themselves. Any Rps that take place between two missing-nins or two groups of missing nins must take place here.
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox
7 273 Thursday, 2010-01-14, 7:10 AM
Thread: A battle of the ages! Kurisu...
Posted by: Itachisharkak
In the Open
A place for Roleplays in the wilderness. Also a place for Rps that don't exactly say where they take place.
8 426 Tuesday, 2011-06-14, 2:46 PM
Thread: Dojutsu Battle: Ayame Ayamek...
Posted by: Hikaru

Bleach Roleplays
Soul Society
Where those that roleplay as members of the Gotei 13 will have their base.
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox
14 1576 Sunday, 2010-01-31, 0:40 AM
Thread: The Arrancar returns. Arturo...
Posted by: Ahatake
Hueco Mundo
For those that roleplay as Hollows and Arrancar, you will have your base here.
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Human World
For any of us that actually roleplay as humans or substitute Shinigami, our base is here.
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox
14 2084 Sunday, 2010-01-31, 4:05 AM
Thread: Honey I'm Home! Confront...
Posted by: Achrones
Multi Area Fights
This is the forum for fights that take place between the different boards (eg. Hollow vs Shinigami, Shinigami vs Substitute Shinigami, etc.)
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox
13 1579 Friday, 2010-02-05, 4:46 AM
Thread: Hell Hath No Fury!
Posted by: Ahatake

Random Roleplays
A place to roleplay science fiction
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A place to roleplay fantasies
1 0 Monday, 2010-08-30, 5:08 AM
Thread: The Gods must be Crazy (SMT2)
Posted by: Senerio
Roleplay anything here
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Fan Made Story arcs
Naruto Omega Beta
Seireitou, Minkai, and Kurosaki's story
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox, Narutokurosaki
1 2 Thursday, 2009-11-26, 6:45 PM
Thread: Missing Psyche arc
Posted by: Minkies
Naruto Raijuu: The Beginning
Ten Tailed Fox's Naruto Series
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox
1 0 Friday, 2009-11-06, 11:15 PM
Thread: Chapters - Naruto Raijuu: Th...
Posted by: TenTailedFox
Fuyutama Chronicles
The Fuyutama Chronicles by Kazeyo
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox, Kami
5 291 Tuesday, 2009-12-22, 1:45 AM
Thread: A Battle of Lightning in the...
Posted by: Kazeyo

Clan Applications
you can make you clan here
Forum moderator: TenTailedFox, AzureDragoon
2 0 Monday, 2009-11-02, 7:37 PM
Thread: What is a Clan?
Posted by: TenTailedFox

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