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Anime: Naruto
Name: Oto-Sateru alias (Hikage)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height and Weight: 5’10 160lbs
Picture and/or Description: Black Gi with white robe edges as shown above. Shaggy Dark Brown Hair, Not Over Muscular, but of a decent build. Wears a mask similar to that of a bleach hollow when attacking unknown ninja’s or infiltrating villages. Carries a medium sized katana, more for show than actual usage. Startling green eyes that seem to glow almost (distinctive trait)
Background: (will change if over creating) Oto-Sateru was born in a small ninja village in the mountains. He was born with the village kekkei-genkai (will explain in techniques) this made him an obvious candidate for the village team known only as Hanran (uprising). of assassin’s specialized in infiltration and coup-de-tait’s. Being arrogant and young, at the age of only 14, he disregarded all instructions and went after sasuke uchiha. Sasuke viciously humiliated Oto by beating him within an inch of his life, while dodging every attack oto flung at him. Returning to his village, he was discarded from Hanran and was given a day to recover and then leave the village. Later that night what was left of the team was sent to assassinate him, so as the secrets of the village would stay hidden. It was only when his former friend hesitated to kill him that he struck back, killing the team, the militia of the village and the self proclaimed “kage” of the village. As he turned to walk away his mother handed him the mask of his father the first captain of hanran. Finding his mother unable to look him in the eyes due to loathing and fear of the slaughters he had committed he left silently as a single tear dripped down his cheek.
Personality: His outer appearance is that of a wise and honourable combatant. In a fight against a strong opponent this is the case, however if he gains the upper hand or fights a weak opponent he becomes arrogant and brash, going for flashy kills and techniques. If anyone mentions his background or questions his skill or loyalty he becomes quick to anger, but never foolish enough to rise to a kage level challenge
Overall Fighting Ability: Oto is a very catious combatant who keeps his cards close to his chest using basic ninjutsu or taijutsu. If he feels a strong chance of being defeated he will flee and use the data he obtained to return stronger. His specialization is assassination and one hit kills, while some have said his fighting style is cowardly, but oto has no problem fighting in long battles. His main priorities are chakra preservation and speed. Which is shown by his fighting style. His alignments are water and lightning. His village is famous for godlike level’s of chakra although it takes the period of 2 weeks to fully recover any chakra. His kekkei genkai’s are very important to his style of combat. These will be explained in the next section
Techniques: Kurayamigan (targeting darkness eye)
Firstly: (Subconsciously) This technique allows the user to utilize the shadow and blood styles.
Secondly: This technique is used to see in the dark and slow down projectiles speeds (not physically but mentally allowing the user to avoid or counter) and target an object or person to direct jutsu or projectiles.
Advanced mode: The user can spot traps and genjutsu’s that affect environment and not the user.
(The major weakness is that when a bright light, from anything from a fireball to a flash bomb, is put in the user’s line of vision the user’s eyes bleed and they become blind until a chance to let their eyes adjust to the natural darkness)
Blood style: The user cuts their self open and replicates his blood. This basically being a water style but more versatile i.e. that a source can be found in any environment. This affects the health of the user more than the chakra as it requires a large amount of fresh blood to replicate. Must have a water alignment to use. Can be copied by sharingan, but consumes more chakra
Shadow Style. The user can manipulate light levels indoor and enclosed spaces. Also allows silent teleportation from one shadow to another. (this consumes very little chakra, but as use increases so does chakra consumption) Any jutsu performed by user can be changed to shadow style ie. RAI-kiri becomes KAGE-kiri. And are focused on chakra damage rather than body damage.
Speed Hunter. (sokudo no hanta) The users reflexs become increased drastically as does their speed. Requires targeted person, the movements of anyone performing this jutsu become easy to predict, this jutsu is usless against anyone with a sharingan or byakugan
Status: Please tell me what I can do to improve this character if he is not approved
Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Oto-Sateru
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