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Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Chazian Dialguni (my character discription (hope it is ok))
Chazian Dialguni
chazziDate: Friday, 2010-01-29, 8:43 AM | Message # 1
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Anime: naruto
Name: Chazian dialguni
Age: 14
Gender: male
Weight and height: chazian is 4'11 and weighs 75 kilos
Picture and/or Discription:chazian is extreamly pale and covered in frekles, he has strawberry blonde hair which is shoulder length which he often chews, he usually ties his hear up in a green ribbon before he begins to fight. chazian wears a dark crimson robe like hoodie which stops his elbow on his left arm, his arms are covered in bandages. he wears a pair of dark green three quarter length shorts which naruto himself has said are discusting, he also were a pair of mesh tights underneath, no-one knows why. he carries a dark crimson tanto on his back, which was the last gift from his mother before she passed away. chazian has light grey eyes which seem to change colour depending on his mood (family trait).
Background: (sorry if i overcreate) chazian grew up in the east, further than the hills of cloud in a city known as the city hidden in the void, a city hoisted in mid air since the ground engulfed the land below. chazian was born just as the ground fell, making him 'ruined born' and shunning him from society, he spent many years trying to fit in, trying to be excepted, and he nearly was, but one evening on the eve of his 14th birthday chazians eyes began to glow and the very air around him fizzled to the touch, sound began echoing through the village, ahreiks and screams could be heard all around the city. chazians mind was burning up. somehow the fear and hatered from all the vilagers had been focused onto him at the same time, chazian could hear the thaughts of all in his mind and he couldnt take much more, the very ground beneath his feet began shaking. the village was falling into the void. suddenly a red light shone onto chazian, a demon had visited the village, not a western tailed beast but one of the eastern winged beats the six winged dragon, the most powerful of the winged demons. you need my help, let me in the demon said. after that the voids records went blank, but no-one has looked at chazian the sameway since. he has now travelled to the village hidden in the leaf while the void rebuilds itself.
Personality: since that day chazian has only shown afection towards two people his sister sophia and the leaf ninja kakashi hitake. he often likes to analyse people before he meets them and takes great pleasure just being alone, reading the minds of others. analysing naruto is one of his favourite pass times.
Overall Fighting Ability: chazian perfers to analyse his oponant first by reading the mind, figuring there flaws and weaknesses before attacking. chazian perfers using his pschic jutsu than using his allignment of water and air as he believes them to be unusfull to his style. his pschic abilities also alow him to levitate and move things with his mind from a small kunai to a ton rock, but more things to control means more focusing, which is the same when he creates mental energy constructs. he usually perferers either shuting of the upper brain functions of the enime or repulsing the enime from himself then firing either guided kunai or a sharp energy construct at the opponant. but a downfall, prolonged usage of his abilites can cause him to tire within minuets, which is why he nearly always fights in a three man cell, or some were with hiding opertuanty.
Techniques: pschic jutsu allows the user to acsess all of the brains functions to the maximum. this allows the user to move things with their mind by activating the jutsu pschic style: unequal playing feild. prolonged use of this jutsu may register the user unconsious, but this opens a world of posibilities the unconsous mind of the user means that it will transport to the enimie, taking over all the motor functions, unlike the yamanka mind body switch, this doesnt leave the user unprotected, as when the body is unprotected it erects a personal force bubble around the unconsious body. the mind is put back into the host body when it touches the forhead. other pschic abilty jutsu includes, twin chakra blade mutual death, this is were the user munipulates the enimes body forcing it to make the hare hand sign, the user then creates an enrgy construct that penitrates both the body of the enime and the user, aborbing all the chakra from both and storing it in the energy construct, this is used as a last resort as absorbtion of all the bodys chakra will surely kill both target and user. chazian has tried to master all air and water jutsu but is finding it hard to master liquid dragon bullet, and is requiring help from kakashi in the mean time
please tell me if there are mistakes, im sorry if there are spelling mistakes i tried to sort them
Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Chazian Dialguni (my character discription (hope it is ok))
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