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Kirie Shuzaya
CrimsonKirieDate: Tuesday, 2010-12-14, 7:51 AM | Message # 1
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Anime: Naruto

Name: Kirie Shuzaya (Nicknamed: Thousand Blade)

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Height: 5” 5’

Picture and/or Description:

Background: The daughter of a master Sword-Smith (Father) and a missing nin (Mother).At a young age Kirie studied under her father learning everything he knew and has managed to go further by also learning swordsmanship herself, from her mother she learned chakra control and the art of sealing. Kirie’s mother was an escapee of the Bloodline purges of the Bloody-Mist and the tales of this betrayal by people who her mother’s clan had sworn to protect left the girl unwilling to become a Ninja and terrified of people learning that she possessed a bloodline, as a result Kirie was always very careful to satisfy her need for blood as far from the village as she could travel in a single day. Shortly before Kirie’s 21st birthday bandits attacked her village, both her parents were killed when their house was burned to the ground. Enraged at the loss of her parents Kirie joined the Village Militia and singlehandedly killed more than half the enemy forces’ sustaining many wounds in the process, her body was too damaged for her to make it out of the Village so with no other choice she grabbed one of the surviving bandits and dragged him behind a barn before biting his neck, unfortunately someone caught her and started screaming about a ‘demon’. Terrified of being attacked by the villagers, Kirie fled her home and disappeared before anyone else came.
2 Years later rumors spread of a female mercenary wearing a fox-mask able to summon swords from thin-air and fight on par with the elite Samurai of the Land of Iron.

Added (2010-12-14, 7:51 Am)
I apologize for double posting.

Personality: Polite and respectful, despite her work as a mercenary/soldier Kirie is very kind-hearted, she accepts that sometimes people must be killed to protect others but considers all deaths tragic and will hesitate when it comes to taking a life. Absolutely terrified of dogs having been attacked by several feral ones when she was 4, being around the ‘flea ridden hell-beasts’ (Her words not mine) leaves her shaking uncontrollably, barely able to notice anything but the dogs unless she’s in the process of being stabbed.
Hesitant to trust others due to her bloodline forcing her to feed on other people, Kirie is however one of the most loyal people you could ever hope to meet.

Overall Fighting Ability: Kirie is not officially a Ninja as she never attended an academy; however she possesses great skill with several different types of blade and is especially versatile with seals. Her lack of Ninjutsu knowledge leaves her at a severe disadvantage at anything but close range, against Ninjutsu or projectile weapons her best option is evasion and trying to close the distance.

Un-named healing Bloodline: Inherited from her mother, Can fully recover from any survivable wound. Unfortunately she must consume blood to keep her body going. While human blood is not necessary, Life-forms with especially potent Chakra (I.E. Ninja or people from Bloodline Clans) are preferred. Her regenerative power is permanently active and this is one of its greatest weaknesses, say Kirie has 100 units of blood, small cuts will take half a unit and heal in seconds, deep wounds can take up to ten units and longer to heal, all while she’s possibly still fighting and therefore making the injuries worse. Should kirie have no more blood to call on her body would start eating itself to try and repair the damage resulting in her constantly getting weaker and being wracked with pain.

Swordsmanship: Her primary form of combat, Kirie is highly skilled and unnaturally fast, thanks to her bloodline Kirie can push herself past her natural limits and perform moves others would consider insane.

Wind-blade: Kirie’s only ranged technique; Special seals on her sword absorb Chakra and convert it to the wind element, once completely filled with Chakra Kirie performs a Battōjutsu maneuver releasing the accumulated energy as an invisible blade that can slice steel for up to 25 feet in front of her. This move is risky due to her sword needing 2 minutes to accumulate enough Chakra from empty.

Sealing Arts: Kirie is highly proficient in storage and elemental seals. Tattooed over much of her body is an advanced storage seal that holds all her worldly possessions, this seal is also where she gets her nickname from as she always carries ATLEAST 1000 swords in this seal.
Several of her weapons have Seals that convert chakra into a specific element and cover the blade (Lightning and Wind are most common as a mistimed swing with a fire-blade can result in herself getting burned)

Shadow Clone: Kirie does not possess the chakra capacity to create more than 1 clone and still be able to fight, she only uses this technique when she needs to apply seals to her own body or to lead people away from her when she's hiding.

Chakra Control: Capable of walking up walls and running across water.

Presence Concealment: Completely masks her Chakra signature so long as Kirie remains still. Cannot obstruct the Byakugan.


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Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Kirie Shuzaya (Naruto RP Character)
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