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Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Haruhiko Uchiha (Naruto RP Character Submission)
Haruhiko Uchiha
HikaruDate: Tuesday, 2011-06-14, 1:49 PM | Message # 1
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Anime: Naruto
Name: Haruhiko Uchiha
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5.4 feet
Weight: 123 lbs

Description: Haruhiko Hiriko is tall, lean, has standard bluish black spiky Uchiha hair and light pale skin. His eyes glisten a brilliant blue. His usual outfit consists of a grey blue high-collared shirt with a zipper, grey wrist warmers, blue trousers and a velvet rope belt. He also wears a black cloak covering his mouth, body and legs.

Background: Haruhiko was born to the battle-worn Uchiha clan. His father died while on a mission during Haruhiko's birth while his mother died of childbirth. Due to this he was sent off to some shinobi couple who raised him well and taught him several Fire Release and Water Release techniques. Haruhiko had never shown interest in battle, causing children at the Ninja Academy to scoff at him. He awakened his Sharingan when he was just 8 years old. This was because a kid teased him about being adopted and having no real parents. If Iruka hadn't been there the poor kid might have been crippled. Since then everyone shunned him. As he was hated by everyone this led him to strive hard for power. During that time Kakashi Hatake took him under his wing and taught him Chidori as he could see the potential within the boy. At the tender age of 13 he had activated his Mangekyo Sharingan although he couldn't maintain it for any longer than half a minute. The cause of him obtaining the rare advanced Dojutsu was because of his hatred and desire for recognition. When he was merely 14 he had learnt Susano'o and Amaterasu although they were practically useless for him as two uses of any one of those techniques would end up with him being hospitalized. He became a Chunin at the late age of 16.

Personality: Haruhiko's general personality was kind before he came to the Ninja Academy. There he was teased and insulted causing a deep hatred to materialize within him. He has a strong fiery will, causing many people to believe he was just a stubborn naive wannabe. He never gives up on anything even the impossible. After awakening his Sharingan during he battle he will not hesitate to kill.

Overall Fighting Ability: Haruhiko does not seem to have any interest in fighting. He never fights for the fun of fightning. He is exceptionally skilled with the Sharingan being able to read the movements of even the fastest opponents. Genjutsu isn't a talent of his though he can rely on it at times against melee heavy enemies. He is moderately proficient in taijutsu though ninjutsu is his real strength. He has scrolls which allow him to summon a variety of ninja tools such as fuma shuriken. He learned Fire Release:Great Fireball Technique the Uchiha Clan's rite of passage at the age of 10 after activating his Sharingan. Electrifying Susano'o with Chidori Current seemed to be his choice of a novelty defensive technique. The colour of his Susano'o is a mint green. He has only mastered the Susano'o to its Incomplete form though he can maintain its complete form for a few minutes. If his temper gets out of control his Susano'o will burst into it's final form. When he uses either the Complete or Final form his eyes will bleed leading to temporary vision impairment. Due to his wide mastery of the Sharingan, Haruhiko has been developing some novelty ways to use Amaterasu such as combining it with Fire Release:Great Fireball Technique to create a ball of black flames. Overall he is skilled with Fire Release, Water Release and Lightning Release. He has some skill in Wind Release. But this wide variety of chakra intensive techniques comes at a cost. If Haruhiko decides to utilise Susano'o or Amaterasu more than 3 times a day he will surely die.

Blaze Release:Great Fireball Technique-Similar to the Great Fireball Technique except that it utilises the flames of Amaterasu
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Pheonix Flower Jutsu
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Jutsu
Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Clone Jutsu
Chidori Current
Chidori Senbon
Lightning Release: Susano'o
Leaf Whirlwind
Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes
Wind Release: Vacuum Wave
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Shadow Shuriken Technique

If I am god-modding please tell me, hope you approve happy

A paragraph should be like a skirt long enough to cover the essentials whilee short enough to be interesting...

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Naruto/Bleach Fanon Forums » Basic Rules of Roleplaying » Character Submissions » Haruhiko Uchiha (Naruto RP Character Submission)
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